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Only GSMS PhD students (including BCN PhD students) can participate in these courses. Use your P-number to register (ask your Personnel Office).

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Title Frequency per year Period of year
Techniques in Molecular Biology
November 2019 will be the last course.
No new courses will be planned!!
BCN Symposium
Cellular Imaging Advanced
Scientific Writing for biomedical/translational research 1-2x
Research Data Management Awareness Workshop 12x
January - December
NB! All RDM Awareness Workshops from April 14th until at least September 1st will be given online.
You will be contacted by email with a link to join the workshop.
For those who were registered for the workshops on March 20th and April 2nd which were cancelled,
you will be contacted by email with new online workshop dates and times.
Presentation Skills 14x
Mixed Models for Clustered Data 1x
May (in 2020 in September)
Advanced Clinical Epidemiology 1x
Systematic reviews and meta-analysis 1x
Due to problems with software, this course can temporarily not be given. It is not clear when the problem will be solved.
Basic Clinical Epidemiology 1x
December - January
Psychiatric Epidemiology (Research Master) 1x
November - December
Study Design in Clinical Epidemiology (Research Master) 1x
Python in biology for beginners and advanced 1x
Entrepreneurship and Valorization for medical sciences 1x
Epidemiology and Applied Statistics 1x
Advances in Genetic Epidemiological Research and Data Analysis 1x
Once a year in March/April
Quantitative Bioanalysis 1x
Advanced Drug Delivery & Drug Targeting 1x
Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods 1x
with reservation: February/March 2021
Gene Expression Data for Beginners 1x
Introduction to Genetic Epidemiological Research and Data Analysis 1x
Once a year in fall semester (October or November)
Phase II/III Clinical Trials 1x
Image analysis 1x
Cellular Imaging Light 1x
May & November
In vivo imaging using IVIS 1x
Microscopy within Kolff 1x
QCM - Quartz Crystal Microbalance 1x
Surface characterization 1x
Blood-material interactions 1x
Colloid stability 1x
Polymers in Medicine 1x
Cell (bio)material interactions 1x
X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) 1x
Health Psychology; advanced course (Research Master) 1x
March - May
Basics in Medicine 1x
September - November
Basics in Psychology and Psychosocial Factors (Research Master) 1x
September - November
BCN Orientation Course 1x
BCN Poster Presentation- with poster 1x
BCN Poster Presentation- without poster 1x
BCN Retreat, with presentation 1x
BCN Retreat, without presentation 1x
BCN Statistics Course 1x
BCN Introductory fMRI Course 1x
BCN Human Neuroanatomy 1x
Last 2 week November & first 2 December
DLVO theory and introduction 1x
first quarter
BCN Advanced fMRI course "From Voxel to Networks" 1x
BCN Functional Neuroscience: EEG Part 1x
Scientific illustrations in Cell Biology 1x
Critical Appraisal of Literature (CAT) 1x
January/February - June
Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis: modelling change over time 1x
Quality-of-Life and Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (QoL & PROMs) 1x
Measuring Concepts in Quantitative Research (Research Master) 1x
BCN Mathematics for Neuroscientists 1x per 2 years
BCN Management Competences, Part 1 2 or 3x
Introduction into R 2x
Microbiological Safety 2x
Science Writing for clinical or epidemiological research (Science Writing course) 2x
1) January/February - June
2) September - January
Ethics of Research and Scientific Integrity for Researchers 2x
1) January - May
2) September - January
Medical Statistics 2x
1) January
2) June
Laboratory Animal Science 3x
1) January
2) May/June
3) September
Managing your PhD (Project Management) 4x
1) January/February
2) May/June
3) September/October
4) November/December
BCN Master Classes 6-8
BCN Management Competences, Part 2 6x
BCN Lectures 8-10
Publishing in English 8-10x