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Course: Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

The introductory course to qualitative research methods introduces participants to the theory and practice of qualitative research. The course will consist of five full-day training sessions in subsequent weeks. The participant will learn about:

  • designing a qualitative study, including ethical issues and participant recruitment
  • conducting data using three methods, i.e. in-depth interviewing, focus group discussions and participant  observation
  • management and analysis of qualitative data.

Participants work on self-chosen topics and conduct in-class assignments in duos or trios

Learning outcomes
Participants are able to:     

  • Understand the paradigm of qualitative research
  • Discuss quality issues and ethical issues involved in qualitative data collection
  • Construct instruments for qualitative data collection
  • Understand and practice three qualitative research methods
  • Understand and practice qualitative data-analysis
  • Provide arguments for which qualitative methods are appropriate to get answers to which research questions

Intended for
PhD students at UMCG. This is an introductory course. Students who have no, or advanced knowledge of qualitative research methods are requested to contact the course coordinator to discuss their fit within this course.

Assumed knowledge
Global knowledge of differences between quantitative vs qualitative research; interest in backgrounds and techniques of qualitative research (e.g. interviewing, observation).

Participation required. In-class assignments require preparation of literature.

Dutch or English depending on participants; slides in English.

EC (without exam)


Course coordinators

  • Grieteke Pool, PhD
  • Billie de Haas, PhD, Ruimtelijke wetenschappen

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