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Only GSMS PhD students (including BCN PhD students) can participate in these courses. Use your P-number to register (ask your Personnel Office).

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Course: Medical Statistics

To refresh and deepen basic knowledge on basis statistical methods for the analysis of data from health care research project. Emphasis will be given to the interpretation and understanding of these statistical methods. To support the statistical calculations the software package SPSS will be used. The course prepares participants also for a more in-depth and detailed course on longitudinal data analysis (mixed models).

Target Group:
GSMS PhD students. The course assumes some familiarity with common statistical terms used in the medical literature but does not assume any deep understanding. The course language is English.

Form / Content:
Each course day consists of a lecture (9-11), a computer class (11-13) and self-study (14-17). The following topics will be covered: descriptive statistics, normal and binomial distribution, study design, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, comparison of groups of categorical and continuous outcomes, linear and logistic regression analysis, longitudinal and survival data analysis.

Material: Syllabus 'Basic Medical Statistics'. The syllabus will be provided at the start of the course.

EC (without exam)


EC (with exam)


Course coordinator

  • Hans Burgerhof, PhD



Target Groups

  • PhD students

Contact person

Renate Kroese,

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