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Only GSMS PhD students (including BCN PhD students) can participate in these courses. Use your P-number to register (ask your Personnel Office).

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Course: Psychiatric Epidemiology (Research Master)

This course is primarily intended for Research Master students. PhD studens can only participate if there is enough space.

To provide the participants with the knowledge to evaluate and judge psychiatric epidemiological studies.

This course addresses the distinctive features of psychiatric epidemiology as compared to somatic disease epidemiology and the implications of these differences for the design, implementation and interpretation of research on mental disorders.

Important components of the course include: incidence, prevalence, clustering and natural history of mental disorders; social and economic consequences including work on disease burden; and – at an introductory level – major etiological models, including proximal and distal determinants. Students will be introduced to instruments and measures of psychiatric epidemiology such as CIDI, SCAN, Life History Chart and Personality.

Assignments and presentations (compulsory).

EC (with exam)


Course coordinator

  • Prof. Klaas Wardenaar



Target Groups

  • PhD students
  • ReMa students

Contact person

Renate Kroese,

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