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Only GSMS PhD students (including BCN PhD students) can participate in these courses. Use your P-number to register (ask your Personnel Office).

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Course: Presentation Skills

This course, which consists of an input session and two practice sessions, helps presenters become aware of their strengths and weaknesses and aids them in improving any deficiencies by watching, analysing and giving presentations.

The opening session helps to create awareness in all the necessary aspects of preparing,  structuring and delivering an effective academic PowerPoint presentation in English.

In the practice sessions, every participant will deliver a 15-minute presentation in English and receive feedback from the instructor and group members (the audience), and have the opportunity to watch and reflect on their performance in a streamed video of their presentation.

First meeting:
3 hours of general presentation theory and preparation

Second meeting:
3 hours of presentations

Third meeting:
3 hours of presentations

6 persons per course group 

EC (without exam)


Course coordinator

  • Language Center RUG



Contact person

Maaike Bansema,

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