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Course: Scientific Writing for biomedical/translational research



This Scientific Writing course is designed for PhD students in bio-medical (cellular, molecular, translational) research fields. 



Is this course for you?


-      Are you a GSMS PhD student?


-      Are you doing research in a biomedical field (e.g. cellular, molecular or translational research)?


-      Do you have a COMPLETE study which you would like to write a research paper on? OR:


-      Do you have a COMPLETE research manuscript (written by you as first author), which you would like to improve before submitting?


-      Are you fluent in English language (grammar, vocabulary)?


-      Can you make time to follow ALL course days and prepare ALL homework assignments?


-      If the answer to all of these questions is yes, this course is for you.




What will you learn and do during this course?


-      You will obtain a clear understanding of the process leading to writing a biomedical research manuscript. In overview, the main steps of this process are: 1) Thinking about and planning your research; 2) performing experiments; 3) writing the manuscript; 4) submitting the manuscript; 5) dealing with rebuttals;


-      You will (re)write your research manuscript critically, at the level of word, sentence, paragraph, section and whole manuscript;


-      You will learn and apply style and argumentation skills;


-       You will learn about the role of your own personality in the writing process. You will become aware of your positive and negative convictions concerning writing; you will learn to address these convictions in order to improve your scientific self-confidence, satisfaction and success;


-      At the end of the course you will have written a complete research paper based on your study.




What is the duration of the course?  


-      The course consists of five full days (8 hours/day). To obtain a course certificate and study points, participation in all course days and preparation of all indicated homework is mandatory.




Which tools will be used during the course?


-      Lectures. These will convey the theoretical knowledge needed to write a scientific paper.


-      Demonstrations. Examples drawn from your own manuscripts will be discussed and improved during the classes.


-      Interactive work and exercises. You will work individually or in small groups on your manuscript, putting into practice what you have learned in theory.


-      Homework. After each course day you will receive a homework assignment, which you will prepare before the following course day. You will collaborate with a study buddy in order to give and receive feedback on your homework.


-      Handouts will be provided.


-      It is strongly recommended to bring a laptop or tablet to the course.




When is this course NOT for you?


-      You have little experience in scientific writing; your command of English language and grammar needs improvement: please follow the course Publishing in English.


-      Your research is purely clinical or epidemiological: please follow the course Science Writing for Epidemiological Research (Share).


-      Your research is in the engineering field: please follow the course Science Writing for Biomedical Engineering (Kolff).


Enrollment procedure

After preliminary enrolment online, you will receive an invitation for a brief intake interview with the course coordinator. Final enrolment will take place after the intake interview.

Course capacity

Max. 10 participants.

Course coordinator

Eliane R. Popa, PhD, assist. Prof. Dept. of Pathology & Medical Biology

EC (without exam)


Course coordinator

  • Eliane R. Popa, PhD



Contact person

Maaike Bansema,

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