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Course: Introduction into R

With over two million users worldwide R is becoming the leading software package for statistics and data science. It is freely available and has many utilities and possibilities for e.g. basic and advanced statistical analysis; creating sophisticated graphs; data handling; and writing software. As such R is a very convenient software package since it allows you to create scripts for data handling, analysis, and visualization and to have your results and figures for your paper in one run, which cannot be done with statistical packages like SPSS, SAS or Stata.

However for many researchers it is not directly clear how to use R, because of the R language and the way of reasoning. We would therefore like to introduce the students to and familiarize them with R. After finishing this introductory R course, you will master some very valuable R skills and will be ready to do your own data analyses.

In the first part of this course you will learn the basics of R through short lectures and many computer exercises. The following topics will be treated: the R language, R variables (objects), R data structures, reading and writing data files, manipulating datasets, making graphs, performing basic statistics (only one day!), simulations, and creating functions.  



In the second part you will be given an assignment (case study) that challenges you to utilize of the lessons from the first part. You will work out the assignment on your own or, if you like, with a fellow student under the supervision of the teachers. You will write a report that includes the script that you developed, explains the steps followed, explains the problems that you encountered and how you solved them, and presents the outcomes. You will get feedback on this report.



This course is aimed at people who'd like to start using R. No previous experience in programming languages or data science is required, but knowledge of basic statistics (e.g. Student’s t-test, chi-square test, correlations, regression analysis) is required.


This is a two weeks course, every day 09:00-13:00 hrs.

1Intended for:   PhD students, Research Master Students, and other interested researchers

Examination: participation is required (report will be evaluated but not graded)

EC (without exam)


Course coordinators

  • I.M. (Ilja) Nolte, PhD
  • Douwe Postmus, PhD



Contact person

Maaike Bansema,

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