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Course: Laboratory Animal Science

This course is designed to train participants in accordance with the requirements of Article 9 of the Experiments on Animals Act. The course is compulsory for anyone involved in the design and implementation of laboratory animal testing .

The course is composed of a basic module and a species-specific module. The qualification earned is essential for those needing to determine independently how animal experiments should be conducted. The course is available to participants who have completed a Master’s degree in a relevant medical/biomedical area or hold an appointment as an MD/PhD student. In consultation with the participant, the species-specific module may be taken at another location. The species-specific modules for the most common animal species are routinely offered by the University of Groningen.

The laboratory animal science course covers the theory behind aspects of research involving laboratory animals, including legislation, the Central Committee for Animal Experiments (CCD), the Animal Experiment Committee (DEC) and the Animal Welfare Body (IvD), ethics, setting up projects and animal experiments, microbiological status and health monitoring, anaesthesia and pain management, surgery and peri-operative care, stress/wellbeing and behaviour, field research, pathology, housing and care, quality control, and biotechnology.               

In addition, participants will acquire basic skills in handling and restraining a relevant animal species within a practical

The course is intended for PhD students, staff and Master’s students affiliated with the University of Groningen/UMCG who have a degree in a field of medical or biomedical science, such as Medicine, Biology, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Medical Biology or Pharmacy. The course is also open to external participants who meet the entry requirements.

The course will take 3 weeks. A number of lectures, workshops, practicals and a presentation are planned in week 1 and 2. Week 3 ends with a written exam.

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Course coordinator

  • Miriam van der Meulen-Frank



Target Groups

  • PhD students

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