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Course: Health Psychology; advanced course (Research Master)

This course is primarily intended for Research Master students. PhD students can only participate if there is enough space.

Building on the course “Health Psychology Research”, this course focuses on four important themes in the field of health psychology, namely etiology of illness and survival, adaptation to somatic illness, psychological interventions for patients with a somatic illness, and changing health behaviour. The aim is to provide knowledge and insight in the most recent developments in psychological and medical-sociological theories relevant for theory-driven research in medical settings, as well as for evaluating the effects of psychosocial interventions among patients with a somatic disease.

Each topic will be addressed in two meetings (2 hours each).

1.      During the first meeting, the group will discuss relevant literature. Students receive a reading assignment to prepare themselves for this discussion.

2.      For the second meeting, students will receive a writing assignment (± 750 words), which can vary from “write a critical review of the literature” to “write a newspaper article based on the literature”. During the meeting, students will receive feedback from fellow students and the teacher.

The course will be completed with a final assignment. Students have to search for additional literature and write an essay with respect to one of the four research themes. One of the teachers will supervise and be available for providing feedback.  

Compulsory: Selected papers (will be distributed at the start of the course) 

Grading based on writing assignments 
The first four writing assignments make up 50% of the final grade, the final assignment makes up the other 50% of the grade:  
(Mean(Assignment 1,Assignment 2,Assignment 3, Assignment 4) + Final Assignment) / 2.

For this course basic knowledge of Health Psychology is required. (e.g. through the course Health Psychology Research).


EC (with exam)


Course coordinator

  • Prof. Mariët Hagedoorn



Contact person

Renate Kroese,

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