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Course: Modeling in Health Technology Assessment

This course is primarily intended for PhD students, but open to Research Master and Master students in Pharmacy with sufficient background knowledge.

Objective: Students will learn to design, implement, and analyze health economic decision models. They will learn to judge what input data are needed to populate their model and from what sources these can be obtained. An introduction will be given to several statistical techniques needed to obtain useful input data and to analyze the model output. Insight into the role of sensitivity analysis and the different options for this will be given.

Description:   During the week, the book of Briggs et al. will be studied intensively, by having interactive lessons. Practical work will also be included with smaller exercises, as well as working on building a simple but complete health economic decision model. Topics to be addressed include among others:
- The role of models and especially health economic decision models.
- Different types of models (decision trees, Markov, patient level models)
- Criteria for a well developed and reported model, model validation
- Available software
- Interpretation of results, taxonomy of uncertainty, Monte Carlo simulation, and value of information analysis.

Learning outcomes: 
- Ability to critically review model-based economic evaluations and results.
- Ability to develop and program a (simple) health economic decision model.
- Ability to use a health economic decision model for performing cost-effectiveness analysis and interpret the outcomes.
- Ability to undertake relevant validation and sensitivity checks.

Entry Requirement   
Excel; Statistics; Course ‘ Health technology assessment and economic evaluation’ or similar level of basic HTA knowledge. In case of doubt please contact the course coordinator.

Compulsory: A Briggs, K Claxton, M Sculpher. Decision Modelling for Health Economic Evaluation [Paperback]. Oxford Press, Oxford, UK, 2006.

Assignment and oral presentation

EC (with exam)


Course coordinator

  • Talitha Feenstra, PhD



Target Groups

  • ReMa students
  • PhD students

Contact person

Renate Kroese,

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