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Course: Basics in Medicine

To understand the basic principles of medicine, notably anatomy, physiology, principles of pathofysiology, disease manifestations, elementary diagnosis and treatment.

Learning outcomes
Participants will acquire general medical knowledge (etiology, pathophysiology,diagnosis, treatment and prognosis) of the most common (chronic) diseases and their epidemiology (incidence and prevalence, risk factors, trends).

The course covers the major areas of clinical practice, and focuses on the major disease groups. Topics include cardiology, oncology, nephrology, pulmonology, endocrinology, rheumatology and musculoskeletal disorders, immunology and infectious diseases and gastroenterology.

Literature (compulsory)
Kumar & Clark, Clinical Medicine (8th edition)
Background reading: Online contents of Clinical Medicine (

Written multiple choice exam. Exam is compulsory.

EC (with exam)


Course coordinator

  • Henk Groen, PhD



Target Groups

  • ReMa students
  • PhD students

Contact person

Renate Kroese,

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