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Only GSMS PhD students (including BCN PhD students) can participate in these courses. Use your P-number to register (ask your Personnel Office).

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Course: Basics in Psychology and Psychosocial Factors (Research Master)

This course is primarily intended for Research Master students. PhD students can only participate if there is enough space.

The course gives an overview of major theories and concepts of psychology so that students will be able to describe and explain key concepts and theories of psychology. The interactive lectures cover methods of psychology (research, diagnostics), processes of learning, explanations of behaviour, stress, motivation and emotions, personality and social cognition, social influence, memory and intelligence, cognitive and social development, abnormal behaviour and treatment of psychological disorders. Students will work on group assignments how to work with the concepts in daily life and how they relate to serious illness. This course prepares students to follow the courses Health Psychology and Advanced Health Psychology. 

Learning outcomes
To learn the key theories of psychology and to be able to apply this knowledge on specific psychological questions.

Peter Gray, Psychology (7th edition), Worth Publishers
Online Student Center
Assignments provided during the lectures.

Exam is obligatory

Registration deadline
Four weeks prior to the start of the course

EC (with exam)


Course coordinators

  • Prof. MariĆ«t Hagedoorn
  • Marrit Tuinman, PhD



Contact person

Renate Kroese,

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