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Course: BCN Introductory fMRI Course

Target Group

Researchers (PhD students, students, post-docs) planning to do an fMRI study.


Participants should be able to start an fMRI study after this week.


The BCN-NIC introductory fMRI course is hands-on, and gives the participants an introduction into all aspects of a real fMRI experiment.


The course provides insights into the basics of the MR-technique and MR safety, the physiology underlying the fMRI BOLD signal, paradigm design, stimulus presentation, data handling and statistical analysis. Participants work in small groups on a self-chosen topic, design and carry out a small fMRI experiment, analyse the data and present the results to their fellow course members. Please contact Remco Renken for information:

Time Schedule

January 2016, five or six days, full time, given within 2 consecutive weeks: January 19, 20, 21 and January 26, 27 and 28, 2016


2 presentations by workgroup during the week and a short, written report.

Number of participants

Max. 16


The language of this course is Dutch, unless there are non-Dutch participants.

EC (with exam)




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