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Course: Image analysis

Images are an important aspect of research data. They used to be of photographic origin,

but in the last decade the use of equipment that generates digital images has steadily

increased. Furthermore, the use of professional and semi-professional scanners and

digital photo cameras has increased the access to digital images. Images can be a rich

source of data, but frequently they are merely used as an illustration to emphasize other

qualitative data. Image analysis techniques may allow us to derive quantitative data from

the images themselves. Most tools are based on pixel operations in either grey value

images or binary images. The combination and repetition of tools yields a powerful

repertoire of processing and measuring possibilities. A selection of these tools will be

explained. The effects of these tools on representative images will be studied using

demonstrations and practice sessions.

EC (without exam)



  • Dr. Theo G. van Kooten, UMCG - BME

Course coordinator

  • Dr. Theo G. van Kooten, UMCG - BME



Target Groups

  • PhD students

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