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Course: In vivo imaging using IVIS

In Vivo Optical Imaging is a non-destructive technique which enables direct monitoring

of luminescent or fluorescent cells and microbes in vivo (both in animal models and

humans). This technique has recently been successfully applied in oncological studies

with luminescent cell lines that would otherwise require histopathology to identify, as well as in bio-adhesion studies with fluorescently labeled and luminescent bacteria which study the development of bacterial bio-layers that cause biomaterial associated

infections. The course will evaluate the optical technique, stressing the quantification of

the optical IVIS image. To this end, relevant optical principles will be discussed such as

the origin and character of bioluminescence and fluorescence, scattering and absorption

in tissue affecting the intensity of the image, the theory of radiance and the first principles

of optical 3D tomography enabling the exact location of the light emitting source inside

the body, spectral unmixing, image acquisition and image processing. A number of

fluorescent probes will be discussed in relation to the cell metabolism with which they

interfere. The several advantages of the system for diverse applications as well as on the

pitfalls and concerns to deal with while applying the technique will are discussed.

EC (without exam)



  • Dr. Theo G. van Kooten, UMCG - BME

Course coordinator

  • Dr. Theo G. van Kooten, UMCG - BME



Target Groups

  • PhD students

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