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Course: Cell (bio)material interactions

Biomaterials are an integral part of the life of

many PhD students within the W.J. Kolff

Institute (WJKI). Even the most fundamental

research is likely not to be performed without

using an actual material. Demands are made

to implant materials in relation to their

interactions with surrounding tissues, cells

and blood (cells). In this short course, participants

will be introduced to the biology of the cell in terms of headlines. Then, examples

will be used to elucidate a number of important aspects of cell-material interactions,

including the influence of material surface properties. Techniques for analyzing these

interactions will also be addressed.

EC (without exam)



  • Dr. Theo G. van Kooten, UMCG - BME

Course coordinator

  • Dr. Theo G. van Kooten, UMCG - BME



Target Groups

  • PhD students

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