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Course: Entrepreneurship and Valorization for medical sciences


Upon completion of the course the students will be able to:

      1.       Identify and discuss basic concepts of entrepreneurship

      2.       Review the assumptions behind different approaches and discuss, how their applicability changes across organizational and business contexts

      3.       Apply insights on entrepreneurship in contexts related to medical & life sciences research

      4.       Identify, develop and pitch business mechanisms for solving medical and life science problems



The central theme of the Course is entrepreneurship as a process of exploring, evaluating and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities linked to solving societal problems and/ or valorizing the knowledge developed at the University, or elsewhere.

In seven classes/workshops we will discuss, how a scientist can become a successful entrepreneur, and give you tools to generate entrepreneurial opportunities (How to spot an opportunity to create a business? How is it different if we look at a medical problem as a starting point?), and select among the different business ideas and opportunities creating a flexible strategy. In the course we discuss the basic principles of entrepreneurial marketing and strategy, including business models, technological development, stakeholder network organization, and financing aspects of launching a business.


For each class there will be a set of articles or book chapters to read. Each class will consist of three hours: an hour for the main theme introduction and discussion, an hour for the group work assignment to apply the knowledge, and, finally, an hour of a guest talk by an entrepreneur.


At the end of the course the students of this course will have to complete the multiple choice test on reading material, and develop and present a business case (in groups). This project/case can be based on the own (PhD) research project, challenge suggested by the teachers, or on analysis of another business in medical area.  


Hours per week        



Teaching method    

Combined lectures/workshops, guest lectures.



Participation, Multiple Choice test, Project presentation

Course Structure

The course consists of 8 sessions, 7 planned classes, and a final “exam” meeting for the MC test and the presentation of the projects. If for some reason participation in the group project is not possible, it can be replaced by joining the Health VentureLab Weekend ( 15-17 November, 2019.


Course Schedule

September 19, 26 and October 3, 10 17, 24, 31. All 14:00-17:00 hours

November 7  Multiple choice test & Project presentations (13:00-18:00 hours)




Preliminary schedule (topics may be subject to change)

All lectures take place between 14 and 17 hours on Thursdays, location – tbc.


Warm-up (15 min)

Lecture (30 min)

Workshop (45 min)

Guest lecture (45 min)


19 Sept

Meet & Greet, Objectives,
Who is Who

Nature of entrepreneurship

-          Uncertainty & Heterogeneity

-          Entrepreneurial opportunity

-   Mapping skillsets and generating ideas

-   Finding applications

-   Formulating entrepreneurial ideas




26 Sept.

Presentation of ideas

Entrepreneurship in context

-          Social entrepreneurship

-          Corporate entrepreneurship

What is the problem you are solving & main impact of your idea?




3 Oct.

Mini-test: Social, Corporate e’ship

Entrepreneurial marketing

-          Understanding the customer

-          Finding your customer

-          Opportunity viability / confidence

- Formulating customer segment

- Assessing market dynamics

- Choosing customer segments




10 Oct.

Presentations of the WS2:
Ent. opportunity

Entrepreneurial strategy

-          Understanding competition

-          Basics of business modeling

- Developing a (social) business model canvas



17 Oct.

First business model pitch

Analyzing the technology side

-          Product roadmap (drug, diagnostics, device aspects)

-          Value chain

- Developing a roadmap

- Assessing the challenges



24 Oct.

Presentation business roadmap

Navigating the networks:

-          Understanding the networks in your field

-          Partnership and stakeholder strategies

Stakeholder network & need analysis



31 Oct

Mini-test on stakeholders


-          Cost items & structure

-          Revenue models

Valuating the company



7 Nov.

Multiple choice test & Project presentations

15-17 Nov.

Health VentureLab Weekend (optional)




September 19–November 7, 2019



EC (without exam)


EC (with exam)


Location address

Zernike, Kadijk 4

Course coordinators

  • dr. Olga Belousova, Faculty of Economics and Business (
  • Prof.dr. Aard Groen, Faculty of Economics and Business



Target Groups

  • PhD students



Deadline for registration

September 3, 2019


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