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Course: Advanced Clinical Epidemiology

In recent years, the empirical approach in clinical research has become increasingly important. Most PhD students combine patient care with clinical research. Clinical epidemiology, which is empirical and patient oriented, is most suited for such a combination. Training in study design and analysis provides a sound basis for successful clinical research. The course basic Clinical epidemiology forms the basics of this advanced course.

Basic Clinical Epidemiology or Epidemiology and Applied Statistics OR some experience in clinical epidemiology and SPSS


- Book (advised): Clinical Epidemiology. Principles, Methods, and Applications for Clinical Research.
Diederick E. Grobbee, Arno W. Hoes. 2nd edition, 2015
- Background literature that will be available from Nestor

At the end of the course students should be able to

  • Perform a diagnostic study, to recognize bias and to evaluate a simple decision trees
  • Know the principles of prognostic modelling, to apply these and to construct a risk score and to recognize bias
  • Explain fundamentals of observational studies
  • Perform and understand several approaches to deal with missing data
  • Perform and understand several types of power analyses
  • Know the basics of health economic decision modelling

Schedule 2020
Priliminary schedule

The exam is on tbd

Contact persons
Prof G.H. de Bock ( / Dr Noha El-Baz (


March 2–13, 2020


to be announced

EC (with exam)


Location address

to be announced

Course coordinator

  • Prof. Truuske de Bock



Target Groups

  • PhD students
  • ReMa students


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