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Course: Study Design in Clinical Epidemiology

This course is primarily intended for Research Master students. PhD students can only participate if there is enough space.

In this course the principles and practice of epidemiological research are taught. The emphasis in this course is on study design. A distinction is made between theoretical design including design of the research question and operational design comprising data collection and data analysis. The dichotomies in the classification of (clinical) epidemiologic research, i.e. observational / experimental, cohort / case-control, cross-sectional/ longitudinal and their relevance to epidemiologic research will be discussed. A further distinction will be made between etiologic studies including intervention studies (clinical trials) and predictive studies (diagnostic and prognostic studies). Issues of validity and precision will be extensively addressed. Lectures will be combined with exercises using current examples of epidemiological studies on mostly chronic diseases. Reviewing recently published studies with different study designs are an important part of this course. The aim is to provide the participants with the knowledge to evaluate and judge epidemiological research and data analysis, and give a sufficient scientific and methodological background to actively participate in epidemiological  studies.

Rothman KJ. Epidemiology. An Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press,
Second Edition 2012. Chapters 1, 3-5, 7-8, 10-12. (OR: Rothman KJ. Epidemiology. An Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2002. Chapters 1-6, 8-10.)

Exam is compulsory. Open book exam with assignments based on recently published epidemiological studies on chronic diseases

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August 31–September 21, 2020


to be announced

EC (with exam)


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  • prof. H. Snieder



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  • ReMa students
  • PhD students


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