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Course: Entrepreneurship and Valorization for medical sciences - online course






Upon completion of the course the students will be able to:

 1.     Discuss the basic concepts and theories of entrepreneurship

 2.     Apply these theories to specific business ideas and discuss their assumptions

 3.     Formulate business ideas and models in contexts related to medical & life sciences research

 4.     Present these ideas (pitch) to different audiences



 The central theme of the Course is entrepreneurship as a process of exploring, evaluating and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities linked to solving societal problems and/ or valorizing the knowledge developed at the University, or elsewhere.

In seven classes/workshops we will discuss individual characteristics of entrepreneurs (How can a scientist become a successful entrepreneur?), and basic assumptions of entrepreneurship theory, such as the origin of entrepreneurial opportunities (How to spot an opportunity to create a business? How is it different if we look at a medical problem as a starting point?), basic principles of business models, including strategy, marketing, network organization and financing aspects of launching a business.

This year we are going to meet in an online environment. In this format, it is very difficult to combine the classical lecturing and discussion. This means, a lot of the “content” going to be offered in the form of reading, pre-recorded video explanations or podcasts available on Nestor environment. During our meetings, we will focus on the discussion of the material, cases and exercises. Most lectures will conclude with a guest lecture from an entrepreneur, followed by a Q&A.

At the end of the course the students of this course will develop and present a business case based on their own (PhD) research project or a project they come up with together with their teams.

Hours per week      

3 hours in class

Teaching method    

Combined lectures/workshops, guest lectures.


 Individual multiple choice test

 Group presentation(s) (content of the slide deck and process of presentation evaluated separately)


Course Structure

 The course consists of 8 sessions, 7 planned classes, and a final “exam” meeting for presentation of a group project.

Preliminary schedule (topics may be subject to change)


All lectures take place online. Time: 14 - 17 h. on Tuesdays


Lecture (30 min)

15 Sept

Nature of entrepreneurship

-          Uncertainty & Heterogeneity

-          Entrepreneurial opportunity


22 Sept.

Entrepreneurship in uncertain context

-          Effectuation: principles



29 Sept.

Entrepreneurial marketing

-          Understanding the customer

-          Finding your customer

-          Opportunity viability / confidence


6 Oct.

Entrepreneurial strategy

-          Understanding competition

-          Basics of business modeling

13 Oct.

Analyzing the technology side

-          Product roadmap (drug, diagnostics, device aspects)

-          Value chain

20 Oct.

Navigating the networks:

-          Understanding the networks in your field

-          Partnership and stakeholder strategies

27 Oct


-          Cost items & structure

-          Revenue models

3 Nov.

Final test and presentations




September 14–November 3, 2020



EC (with exam)


Location address


Course coordinator

  • dr. Olga Belousova, Faculty of Economics and Business (



Target Groups

  • PhD students



Deadline for registration

September 1, 2020


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