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Course: Supervising PhD students (for non Dutch speaking)

Good and supportive supervision is essential for PhD student(s) on their way towards becoming an independent, well trained researcher who can contribute to science and society. For a supervisor it's especially important to pursue the balance between control and freedom and to give effective and motivational feedback. Furthermore the differences in culture poses new challenges for both supervisors and PhD students.
We have developed a 1-day course on ‘Supervising PhD students’ in which the above mentioned issues will be dealt with. Everyone at the UMCG who is involved in supervising PhD students is obliged to participate in this course (capacity 12 supervisors/course). In addition, specific modules will be offered in the coming years that include 1. inter-cultural communication, 2. how to select good PhD student candidates, 3. stepwise coaching in writing articles, and 4. go/no go decision making in the first year.

This course is intended for:


October 31, 2019



EC (without exam)


Location address

to be announced

Course coordinator

  • Hertz, trainingen voor wetenschappers, Hertz, trainingen voor wetenschappers






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